Outdoor Cleaning Cloth
Outdoor Cleaning Cloth

Outdoor Cleaning Cloth

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Patented Microfiber Technology Keeps Equipment Clean.

  • Golf clubs
  • Camping equipment
  • Bikes and accessories
  • Motorcycle windshields • Hunting equipment

MysticMaid’s Outdoor cleaning cloths keep your game equipment brilliant, your recreational vehicles sparkling, and your camping gear in top form. Keeps sports glasses brilliant- ly clean as it also easily wipes down camping equipment or polishes the surface of your favorite snow board. At the links, beside outdoor streams, or on forest trails, your equipment needs to stay clean for peak performance. Machine wash and hang dry for best results. These fabrics have been specially adapted for all hard surface cleaning and personal drying challenges in sports, recreation and outdoor activities.



Product Information MysticMaid® Outdoor Cleaning Cloth

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  • Size: 12” x 12”