Remoovz Micro Sponge

Remoovz Micro Sponge

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  • Chemical-Free Cleaning Sponge
  • Testing proves - twice the durability
  • Super flexible to reach into tight spaces
  • Ultra-compact to save valuable storage space
  • Chemical-free cleaning
  • Double sided
  • Easily removes soap scum & hard-water spots
  • Great for hard surfaces like walls, doors and floors, etc.

The Remoovz Micro-Sponge is a highly effective disposable cleaning tool. Designed to clean with just water. Its patented design removes scuff marks, stains and even permanent marker with plain water. Use safely on most surfaces.

Test first on an inconspicuous spot with light pressure to see if surface may scratch or dull. Not recommended for use on surfaces that are polished/glossy, or on brushed, satin, dark or faux finishes. Do not use with chlorine bleach.