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I received a MysticMaid cleaning cloth for Christmas, along with a note from my mother-in-law explaining why in heck she was buying me a cleaning cloth. She raved about it and said it was amazing how easily it cleaned windows and various other items around her home.
I first tried it on the inside of my bathroom window, one that had been gunked-up with resins from various hair-spray-type products. I had tried all manner of cleaning solutions, including commercial bathroom cleaners and plain vinegar/water, plus ammonia/water.  Nothing removed the sticky spots of resin.  I gave up, but was annoyed when the sun came in and highlighted all those spots.
One try with the MysticMaid cloth, and the spots were completely erased. Easily. Quickly.
On January 2nd I ordered three more cloths--one for myself and two as gifts.
Today, January 5th, I have spent a couple of hours cleaning my windows--just for fun!  It is a joy to spend so little time and achieve a sparkling window, with no streaking or drippy mess.
How can I thank you enough for developing these cloths?!  Just wanted to tell you you have a great product.
Leeann Myers

MysticMaid, an originator of the microfiber cleaning segment.

Bill McLoughlin, Executive Editor, Home World Business (Feb. 2007)


You'll never go back to old T-shirts for cleaning. This one simple cloth, from a Beaverton company, performs so many chores: Dampen with water and use on glass, tile, stainless steel, or chrome, or use dry for dusting. Textured fabric picks up dirt and lint; dries streak-free. Long-wearing and machine-washable.

The Oregonian, FOODday


"The towel grabbed my attention right away. It was so soft. And it dried more dishes than my usual towel.
The cleaning cloths dusted my living room without spreading the dust everywhere. Then I moved on to my windows and mirrors. The company claims I don't need window cleaner. I was amazed. No fingerprints, no streaks, no Windex."
Heather Rayhorn
Real Living copy editor/designer
Statesman Journal


Paper towels are not quite absorbent. And they are not scientifically designed, like Grease Blotters, to get the grease and not the cheese on your pizza. It gets the grease and not your soup. So there's some kind of crazy magic. is where you find those. It's a magical, scientific thing. It takes the grease right off, leaves all the flavor, and then we have a great lunch!

CNN's Daily Dose,


"MysticMaid's nylon-polyester blend (Sports/Outdoor Super Absorbent Drying)
towel, however, offers drying power without the wet factor. Due to some impressive microfiber technology (according to the company, even the military is blotting with these things), the doormat-size towel sops up water like a giant sponge, then dries in seconds (for a quick splash) or a couple of hours (a dousing). After we dried ourselves and gave it a good squeeze, it didn't drip on the bathroom floor, nor did it feel heavy (it weighs 4.5 ounces dry). A little loop at the top allowed us to hang it from the back of the door for further airing out. And when it was time to go, the towel rolled up tight like a newspaper, secured with its own elastic band."

The Washington Post


"[Stuff We Love] One Terrific Towel -- The campers and gym-goers on our staff love Mystic Maid's new Sports/Outdoor Super-Absorbent Drying Towel. It rolls up tightly enough to fit in the front pocket of your backpack or gym bag (it's shorter and skinnier than a bath towel), yet this buttery-soft, almost paper-thin microfiber find is absorbent enough to dry off your entire body after a shower or a dip in the lake. We especially like the rich mocha color, as well as the elastic loop on one end that ensures it won't fall off a shower hook or tree branch.

Health Magazine


"On occasion, I treat myself to a slice of New York-style pizza, so I was eager to try to save a few grams of fat by using Mystic Maid Grease Blotters, which are supposed to absorb excess oil from greasy foods and soups . . . At the parlor, I pulled out a sheet and patted it on my slice. Half a sheet absorbed about half a teaspoon of grease . . . I was sold, I'm keeping a pack in my purse for dining-out emergencies.

Fitness Magazine


"Sop Up Pizza's Oil Slick Grease Blotter sheets, made from the same absorbent material that picks up oil slicks, wick up oil from soups, sauces, fried foods, and pizza. They'll save you several grams of fat each time you use them."

Prevention Magazine


"High tech for the masses Cleaning cloth designed for semi-conductor industry comes home. Forget using that old T-shirt to dust your bookshelves -- cleaning has gone high-tech. The new Mystic Maid, a cleaning cloth developed for clean room use in Japan's semiconductor industry, is wiping up its competition . . . The company's Grease Blotter, meantime, makes the paper towel obsolete when it comes to absorbing grease, fats and oil on the surface of soups, stews and broth. And it works just as well on solid foods like bacon, sausage and pizza."

San Francisco Chronicle


"But you definitely do decrease calories when you sop up the fat, says Paul Lachance, Ph.D., a food-science professor at Rutgers University. Now there are Grease Blotters, papery polyester circles that absorb grease from fried foods, pizza, and soups better than paper towels can. The blotters are FDA-approved for food duty, which means less chemical residue than paper towels leave, Lachance says."

Men's Health Magazine


"The slick that spreads over turkey gravy or pot-roasted brisket for Hanukkah will not threaten wildlife, but skimming it off improves the dish. Now, instead of strainers and other gadgets, there are Grease Blotters (by Mystic Maid), sheets of polypropylene and polyester that suck up fat. They are nearly eight inches in diameter, and will fit into most pots without touching the hot metal sides . . . A hole in the center lets steam escape and allows them to lie flat. On a plate or cutting board, they will drain fat from latkes or bacon and blot the top of the pizza."

The New York Times


"Oh, and we forgot. You blot your pizza with a napkin. How dainty. Well buddy, you're using the wrong tool. True fat-phobes have discovered Mystic Maid Grease Blotters, oil-sucking sheets of polypropylene and polyester. (Consider it lipo for fatty foods, and please let the lipo stop there.) Originally designed in large sheets to soak up oil after tanker disasters, they also do the job on gravy, bacon, and ham. Which makes them the perfect vacuum for the pools of grease on your slice. (And no napkin debris on the cheese!)"



"This (Mystic Maid) super-absorbent drying towel drinks up five times its weight in water and three times faster than cotton. Plus, the microfiber technology dries glass and dishware lint- and streak-free."

Home Magazine


"It's really something I believe in," she explained. "I've owned one for several years - that's why we brought them in. (Mystic Maid Microfiber Cleaning Cloth) is the best and that's why we carry it," said Deb Zborowski, of specialty store Aglios Gourmet Marketplace, Woodstock, Ill., as quoted in "Clean Up..." feature article.

Gourmet Retailer


"On the opposite end of the spectrum from BonAmi is this (Mystic Maid) high-tech cleaning cloth developed for lint-free wiping in the clean rooms of semiconductor plants. It's woven from microscopically fine nylon/polyester fibers, with each one being about 1/100th the diameter of a human air. . . Dampen the cloth with water and you'll be amazed at what comes off a surface with one wipe."

Popular Mechanics,(Web site Home Improvements section)


"Okay, so how about those sunlight-washed windows that seem to show every swirl and wipe mark regardless of the cleaner used? Perfect clarity with no (added liquid or spray) window cleaner. Mirrors, stainless steel, clear plastics . . . this li'l bugger really works!"

BMW Owners News


"Finalist - Best New Product"

Editors' Choice Award, International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show


"I've had the cloth a couple of months now, and have used it frequently. I've washed the cloth many times, and it still does what it claims. The reduced use of cleaning chemicals in my house pleases me immensely. Viva la technology!"

Home Power Magazine


One of the products surveyed is unique in its 50% polyester and 50% Nylon composition. This product, distributed by Mystic Maid, was originally manufactured for
cleanroom applications in Japan. Using a patented process, further fragmented micro-fibers are created that have fiber ends cut at severe angles. With millions of hooks and channels for the collection of dust, this product has an enhanced structural ability to attract and hold dust and debris.

AIC News


(The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, Washington)

Mystic Maid microfibers provide unprecedented level of cleaning. Mystic Maid household cleaning products incorporate the first technology patents ever granted to household cloths, mops and drying towels.

Kitchenware News


A couple of new cleaning cloths have earned rave reviews for their ability to clean every hard surface in the house. The Mystic Maid cleaning cloth and drying towel can be used without soap or cleaning agents.

The Des Moines Register


CLEANING CLOTH HAS WIPED UP A CULT FOLLOWING - If you have a cleaning person who takes care of all your cleaning needs,stop.No need to read any further.The Mystic Maid cleaning cloth we mentioned a couple of weeks ago is almostcleaned out in Oakland County."

The Oakland Press