All Microfibres are not Created Equal

For more than a decade, MysticMaid® has produced the world's best microfiber cleaning products based on patented technology first developed for 'Class 10' semiconductor clean rooms. Only MysticMaid® has the market experience, the patented technology, and the rigorous testing to bring you the best microfiber cleaning products for your specific needs.

No one else even comes close. Publications and organizations as diverse as Building Services Management Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, the Detroit News, and Popular Mechanics have confirmed MysticMaid's unique cleaning performance based on its patented microfiber technology.

MysticMaid® microfibers have been proven better, far and away better, than any other microfiber cleaning products by a leading university textile laboratory.

That's because our micro.bers have the highest Nylon content in the industry: 50% Nylon to 50% Polyester. Why is that important? The higher the Nylon content, the better the microfiber performs. Most microfibers on the market today have a blend of up to 80% Polyester and 20% Nylon. The higher the Polyester content (cheaper, less absorbent and less durable than Nylon) the worse the cleaning performance.

“It’s woven from microscopically fine nylon/polyester fibers, with each one being about 1/100th the diameter of a human air…Dampen the cloth with water and you’ll be amazed at what comes off a surface with one wipe.”

-popular Mechanics

At the other extreme, MysticMaid® with 50% Nylon microfiber, is the highest today, making it the undisputed performance leader in the worldwide microfiber cleaning industry.

Our patented microfibers, once split, are composed of millions of micro-hooks, channels, and absorbing tentacles. This process combined with our unique flat weave ensures complete contact with a cleaned surface. MysticMaid® microfiber products keep on cleaning and lifting out the grime when other microfibers only move around the dirt and dust.

MysticMaid's patented microfiber products are streak-free and lint-free. They clean all hard surfaces (both smooth and uneven) with just a wipe, using plain water for the worst cleaning challenges. And our patented microfiber products are woven tightly (as opposed to many microfibers that are knit) in a unique .at-weave pattern to prevent snagging, thereby increasing durability and lint control.

MysticMaid® products contain absolutely no chemicals, and do not require chemicals for cleaning.

MysticMaid® products are machine washable and good for countless applications and months of tough use.
Want more proof? How about quality and durability levels good enough to meet the toughest standards of the American military.

MysticMaid® microfiber cleaning products meet the exacting specifications demanded by the US special forces and are in use by Patriot Missile Systems worldwide.

Furthermore, all MysticMaid® products are GSA approved.

So when the job involves a dirty kitchen, overused bathroom, messy garage, a wet basement, dusty bookshelves, expensive electronics, smeary windows, fogged mirrors, grimy tools, and so much more, we have the exact microfiber cleaning products you need to do all these home and office cleaning jobs right the first time.
MysticMaid®, the world's best microfiber cleaning products.

“Okay, so how about those sunlight-washed windows that seem to show every swirl and wipe mark regardless of the cleaner used? (Mystic Maid provides) perfect clarity with no window cleaner. Mirrors, stainless steel, clear plastics… this lil bugger really works!”

-BMW Owners News