Test Results

Mystic Maid’s Top Cleaning Performance Confirmed by Leading University Patented Microfiber Technology Out-Cleans Rivals by Wide Margins

(PORTLAND, OR) – Mystic Maid® microfiber cleaning products -- incorporating the first technology patents ever granted to household cloths, mops and drying towels – have been proven more effective in wiping performance by wide margins over rival products in recently released independent university testing. In fact, Mystic Maid’s performance was proven to be nearly four times better at removing dirt, grease and grime.

Conducted at the University of Rhode Island’s Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design, the testing compared Mystic Maid’s patented microfibers to a nationally distributed self-described “high performance” cleaning towel and a leading international microfiber cloth.

Empirical test results show the scientifically measured wiping performance of Mystic Maid to be 50 and 63 percent better than the rival two cleaning cloths at water-based stain removal. For oil-based stain removal, Mystic Maid proved to be 19 and a remarkable 381 percent more effective, respectively -- nearly four times better -- than the other two leading rivals.

“The conclusive and extensive testing performed at URI under the supervision of Professor Martin J. Bide clearly shows the superior wiping performance of our patented microfiber technology,” remarked company President Joseph Wayno. “The key is our patented weave and its unique ability to fully adhere to a surface, for maximum wiping and cleaning performance.”

Developed in Japan for clean room applications in the semiconductor industry, Mystic Maid patented microfibers are comprised of millions of soft-woven nylon and polyester microfibers that are split many times to create a dramatically increased surface area with millions of tiny hooks and channels. These “microhooks” attract and hold all kinds of dirt and grime.

Mystic Maid was developed and patented specifically for wiping and cleaning applications, unlike the mass produced so-called microfiber apparel materials. These competitive fiber cloths depend on a weave which has been proven ineffective for picking up dirt, dust and grime because the cloth’s entire surface does not come in contact with the area being wiped.

Each Mystic Maid microfiber is 1/100th the size of a human hair. Each cloth’s millions of tiny hooks and channels allow for complete contact with a wiped surface. The product is woven tightly to prevent snagging and linting, thereby increasing its durability and lint control.

Mystic Maid cleaning cloths, mops and drying towels contain no chemicals and require no costly cleaning materials. Streak-free, lint-free, and static-free, Mystic Maid products clean all hard surfaces with just a wipe using only water. They are machine washable and reusable for countless appliThe cloth leaves a streak-free surface that air-dries in seconds.”

Mystic Maid cleaning products are available at leading housewares, kitchen, specialty and gift stores. Mystic Maid products are exclusively distributed by Castle International of Portland, Oregon.